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I hope you liked my course of planning your future paintings with an easy and intuitive tool in 3D. Now you have all knowledge how to set up portrait light in the studio. You can set your light in a creative way. with gels, different backgrounds, projections, gobo. You know what makes a good composition and camera perspective, how to create color contrasts, and what colours, you can combine,
which colours you should use to make the best for your message. What is interesting? What is the meaning behind , how you can plan and emotional painting? And you also got so many possibilities to get inspired by Set.a.light community. You also know some tools how you can boost your productivity in using artificial intelligence, you know how to deal with your customers, giving them some visual references of different styles you could paint.
So it’s less work for you and better visual communication. I would be so happy when you share your work with us here. Load your models into the set, adjust their poses , load some additional set items if you like. And then the light. Then just press the export button and that’s it. When you have some further question, just leave a comment and a nice review. Don’t forget front of me to get updates about my new courses and see you next time.


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