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Course description

Are you also a fan of emotional paintings showing humans with interesting lighting setups?
Do you feel so inspired to see all these pictures, but when it comes to your own planning, you are again too attached to the references of other artists.
You want to realize your own visions and be flexible in planning.
Try out creative light setups and compare them to chose the one you like most.

I will show you a simple intuitive tool how to build your lights, sets and people realistically and fast. With the software you will become so productive and learn a lot about light itself by just making everything as playful as you like it.

Once you have completed the course you will not only have the necessary tool to easily plan your paintings in 3d but also have the knowledge how to set up a light, the perspective, the colors and the subject so that it arouses the interest of the viewer.

It is time to create the artwork you always wanted to paint!

What Will I Learn?

  • - become more flexible in planning unique paintings with human protagonists
  • - how to set up a light, the perspective, the colors and the subject so that it arouses the interest of the viewer
  • - an intuitive software that allows you to place the lights and objects

Material Includes

  • - Light Setup Examples PDF (Basic and more creative)
  • - 15% Discount Code on set.a.light3d


  • - As this is a course planning your motifs, you should be able to master the technique of executing the painting after planning.
  • - You don't need any previous 3d knowledge for this course

Target Audience

  • Painters, Photographers and filmmakers who wants to get inspired by their own realistic light setups using an intuitive software without spending too much time on learning a complex 3d software

About the instructor

Julie Boehm is a conceptual artist in painting, photography, bodypainting and film. After her studies at the „Academy of Fine Arts Vienna“ (Painting),„Graphische Vienna“ (Multimedia), „Babelsberg Filmschool“ (Digital Filmdesign) she worked as creative director for the Art Magazine Spykeheels in Berlin. 2013 – 2018 she studied at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg in the subject of Animation. Now her studio is located in the beautiful centreville of Wittenberg where she is creating art non stop.
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