Calendar 2020 and Bored Panda Publication about Equatorial Guinea Bodypainting Festival

calendar 2020
The description:
Equatorial Guinea Bodypainting Festival 2020 Calendar just got published by Calvendo!!! So cool!!! Check it out!!! Get your copy!!!

English version link: CALVENDO

Also available on Amazon in Germany

First Equatorial Guinea Bodypainting Festival held in the Malabo National Park was a stunning display of beauty and talented artistry. Top artists from 18 countries around the world and local artists transformed regular people into Mystical Beauties. This Calendar showcases 12 unique living artworks photographed by Dmitri Moisseev. EGBF2019 was organized by Ehud Cohen (Director), Miguel Angel (Art Director), and Lora Tulchinski (Founder & Artist). Artists featured in the 2020 Calendar are: Olga Sokolova, Geneviève Jinny Houle, Julya Vlasova, Julie Boehm, Giusy Campolungo, Matteo Arfanotti, Alex Hansen, Sanatan Dinda and Birgit Mörtl.

some more photo impressions of this great Bodypainting Festival being published

more video impressions

more infos about the festival 

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