“Haute Couture” French Bodypainting Award ‪

For the 1rst French Bodypainting Award at the  “46ème Congrès International d’Esthétique” we had to create an artwork on the theme of “Haute Couture”

So here is my interpreatation:

Haute Couture at the first view- that is the Art of Fashion at the highest level.
But it is more than that: at the catwalks you would think of fragile beauties of art…

Under their skin of lace, there is a weapon.
Not a weapon of war, but of love!
Women give birth, she is nature, spreads love
This painting is about love that creates. It is also here where “la Haute Couture” was born: a long history of expression. Take Coco Chanel for example in the history of women fashion is the power to express liberty, equality, fraternity

Regarding to the last incidents we have to save our culture: Marianne shows her body, she has an illuminated Eiffeltower on her head. Cause the  “Siècle de Lumière” is not yet finished

and here are some photos of my work.
Model: Alana
Photographer: Daniel Janesch & me

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