Filmshooting BLACK WIDOW making-of

In 2015 I did my 2nd year film at the Filmakademie Baden-Württember “Black Widow” – a dark parfume commercial. Here is a video making of of the shooting day. Enjoy watching  – more information here

thanx to the amazing team
FG2 Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg 2015
Eric Figula

Producer: Aleksandra Todorovic and Nina Schwarz
Director, Story, Editor:, makingof video: Julie Boehm
DoP: Dominik Moos
Camera assistant: Leo Eßbach
Camera coach: Jonas Schneider
Gaffer: Max Christmann
Mirco Jüngling, Dennis Czaja
Technical Assistant: Tim Weskamp
DIT: Friedemann Leis
Art Director: Maike Kiefer
VFX of Black Widow Film: Marc Zimmermann
Assitants: Antonie Kiefer, Ayca Arabaci, Miriam Behrens
Fashion Design, Mask, Makeup, Styling: Birgit Mörtl
BW-Film supernumerary Katja Trautwein, Marisa Meier , Emilia Reich
Set Photographers: Gerhard Busch , Michael Vogel
makingof filming: Michael Vogel
makingof music: “Melting Glacier” by Chris Constantinou, Paul Frazer

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